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All Leadership That Matters coaching engagements are a minimum of six months in duration and start with a two-hour Foundation Session. Subsequent coaching sessions are two hours a month in one-hour or 45-minute sessions.

We offer a number of different coaching packages that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Executive Leadership and Mentoring

Are you an executive leader who is perceived as being highly successful? Do you feel that you have further potential to enhance your leadership performance and consistency? Do you want to create more time to be strategic and focused? To be more thoughtful and deliberate in your leadership?

In this process, the Leadership That Matters coach partners with you to raise your level of success-and significance-to the next level. The coach acts as your trusted advisor, unbiased resource and sounding board to help you successfully embrace the challenges of your position. You'll experience a mix of coaching and mentoring to increase your self-awareness, competencies and confidence. This will allow you to take proactive control and create success as defined by your goals.


Next Level Leadership Coaching

Are you a high potential leader who has been identified through your organization's succession planning process as a potential executive leader? Are you looking to make the next leap in your leadership capabilities? Do you want to enhance your profile and succession potential in your current organization or in your industry?

This process will help you identify and leverage your towering strengths and remove any potential roadblocks to your future success. In the initial coaching sessions a strategic and tactical Personal Development Plan will be created. Future coaching sessions will focus on any of the elements in the Leadership That Matters model that will move your leadership to the next level.

We highly recommend the integration of a 360° assessment process and an action learning project into this process.


Success to Significance Coaching

Are you a senior leader who has achieved great success but recognize that leadership is about more than your success? Are you looking for answers to questions such as…how does my leadership really matter? And what should my leadership legacy be? Are you entering the "next half" of your life with a small voice telling you that you've not yet found your passion or fulfilled your calling?

This coaching process will help you explore what matters, what's more and what's next. It is a highly reflective process that explores the personal and professional realms to elicit greater awareness of the factors that contribute to your motivation... and the factors that propel and hinder your performance and your impact. It will help you recognize the difference that you have already made and are making—as well as your potential impact as you go forward. It will help you answer the question, "Am I still climbing the right mountain?"

Explore how to make your Leadership Matter!


New Leader Integration Coaching and Mentoring

Are you a senior leader who has just been promoted to a new leadership position? Even the most exceptional and seasoned leaders are challenged during their transition to a new organization, or even to a new role within their existing organization. Transitioning is a high risk experience for the individual and can add significant costs to the organization. Typical challenges for leaders in their first 100 days in a new role are

  • adapting to a new industry or a new culture,
  • understanding how to leverage their network to develop key relationships,
  • overcoming potential organizational resistance to their leadership, and
  • ensuring a strong start, identifying expectations and achieving key wins early on.

Our coaching process benefits both the organization and new leader as they transition into the new role. Our clients are executives and leaders who are eager to partner with a professional who will help them achieve success in their new role more quickly, and more powerfully, than they would on their own. The new leader works with us to outline specific goals and clear action plans for their first three to six months. This process includes meetings with the client's boss to set expectations, meetings with the client and ongoing coaching over a six-month period.


Entrepreneur Coaching

Do you feel alone at the top? Do you have a clear vision for your company? Do you feel focused? Are you delegating the right things? Are you successfully facilitating teamwork and communication within your organization? Are your life and work in balance or is your business taking over your life?

In this process, the Leadership That Matters coach partners with you to raise your level of success. We act as a trusted advisor, unbiased resource and a sounding board to help you successfully embrace the challenges you face within your business. We provide a mix of coaching and mentoring to further self-awareness of your strengths and to improve your focus on those things that will make the biggest difference in your business. We'll help you build and execute a plan that will build your confidence and improve your business and your life.


Leaders in Balance Coaching

Are you struggling to juggle the many elements of your life—business, career, personal goals, family, learning, social, spiritual—with limited success? Are your energy levels low? Work/life balance is POSSIBLE! You can clarify your values and your priorities and choose to balance your rich and demanding life.

This process takes into full account the multi-tasking roles we are now all required to play and the pressure that this puts on a leader's business and personal life. It recognizes that balance is NOT the same as time management. In this process we take an inside-out approach to understanding what creates energy, passion and fulfillment for YOU. It will help you recognize that balance is a journey not a destination. And it will help you stay focused on the things that you have identified to keep you grounded, provide you with energy, enhance your ability to produce results AND feel fulfilled.


Team Coaching

Is your team a cohesive, energized group? Do all team members understand the goals of the organization and how they fit into the big picture? Is there a major goal the team is attempting to achieve? Do members understand the value each member brings? Is there trust and strong communication among the group?

In our process we engage with you and your team to enhance your collective effectiveness. The goal of the team coaching process is to build a stronger, more energetic team overall! As well, we help teams rebuild during times of change, to integrate new members to an established team or to improve a team's' capacity to overcome conflict and solve problems. We assist your team members in learning to see the world through other people's eyes, to analyze the strengths of each member and to see how they complement each other.

Team coaching consists of facilitated team coaching processes as well as one on one coaching for some or all team members. This integrated coaching process enhances the overall team effectiveness by allowing individuals to enhance their own personal effectiveness as well.

Decide how leadership matters to you.

"Some men see things the way they are and ask, 'Why?' I dream things that never were and ask, 'Why not?'"
George Bernard Shaw


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