In Others' Words
"Susan has the ability to create a safe and open space in our coaching relationship. She is a wonderful listener and has the ability to ask questions that take me places I never thought possible."
Managing Director, Canadian Bank
"Jennifer is both analytical and intuitive. She reads between the lines for the hidden and emotional themes and gets them on the table. She guides me to do some of my best thinking. And while she has the ability to say hard things softly, she doesn’t allow me to get off the hook"
Senior Director, Canadian Bank

"Susan has worked with me to understand my strengths and how to leverage them with my team. She is a fabulous coach and someone I can always look to keep me focused on my goals."
VP, Canadian Bank

"Jennifer has helped me step back and look at my strengths and weaknesses with more objectivity. She inspires me. She is an encourager and an advocate. After a coaching session I have a sense of “freedom” because I am able to focus on what I do well and build on that."
Vice President, Not-for-profit Organization
"Susan has demonstrated honest and sincere empathy in our coaching relationship which has helped establish trust in our communications. Her well-honed listening skills enable her to tap into the clients’ needs and her questioning skills allow the client to self-direct and find solutions to unresolved business issues."
Manager, Royal LePage
"Jennifer has a laser-sharp focus and helps me get to the heart of any situation quickly. As a result, she helps me take the most complex situations and simplify them."
President, Canadian Top100 Company
"I found it absolutely fascinating working with Susan. She helped me see many things in different ways, including myself and my choices and options for the future. I like the way she works—her enthusiasm, patience and ability to take me into the ‘stretch zone’ with confidence."
"Jennifer allows me to simply say what I am thinking and never have to worry how it might be received. This allows my creativity to flow and allows me to operate at my best."
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Jennifer Parr, BA/BSW, MBA

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Susan Richardson, HBA, MBA

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