The Leadership That Matters process is Reflection-Based, Action-Oriented.

Today's fast-paced environment leaves leaders with little time for careful reflection or strategic thinking. Our proven process provides a space for you to catch your breath and to take the reflection time that enables you to focus on what really matters. The many insights you'll gain will benefit you immediately…and long after the coaching relationship ends.

Working with us, you will...

  • enhance your self-awareness and confidence
  • establish goals that are meaningful to you
  • experiment with new approaches and behaviours
  • consider new perspectives that create better solutions and strategies
  • achieve sought-after results - organizational and personal

Benefits of a Leadership That Matters Coach

We'll act as your...

Confidential, Safe Harbour
We'll create a space for you to reflect out loud and to talk about the issues you feel you can't discuss with anyone else.

Objective Sounding Board
We'll provide experienced objectivity, a fresh and different perspective.

We'll help you understand your communication style... and present yourself and your thoughts more effectively to get better alignment and buy-in.

Accountability Partner
By working as your partner, we'll help you stay motivated, focused and committed to achieving your goals.

We'll ask you tough questions... gently when appropriate and not so gently when required. We'll encourage you to challenge your own perspectives. And we'll give you honest feedback even when nobody else will.

We'll help you cut through the clutter of competing ideas that constantly float through your head. We'll help you focus on those that matter most.

We'll stand firmly in your corner... taking your interests to heart, championing your greatness, sustaining your confidence.

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
Albert Einstein

Decide how leadership matters to you.

Jennifer Parr, BA/BSW, MBA

Phone: 416-200-3673 or 613-228-9355

Susan Richardson, HBA, MBA

Phone: 416-434-0849

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