You're a successful leader - What do you want to use your leadership to achieve?

At Leadership That Matters we partner with you to take your leadership to the next level - as defined by you.

Whether you're a successful leader of a large or small corporation or not-for-profit, or a high-achieving entrepreneur, we understand your desire to reach new levels of success, to make a bigger impact and to achieve significance in your work.

We also recognize that you're moving so fast you have little time to think about what you really want your leadership to achieve and how to define what "next level" means to you.

As the co-founders of Leadership That Matters, we work with successful leaders like you to...

  • define success on your own terms
  • enhance your understanding and recognition of the personal leadership skills that you can leverage to achieve even greater success
  • understand and move beyond self-imposed limitations to create greater confidence and courage
  • create stronger alignment between what you want and your actions
  • achieve breakthrough thinking on how to approach a business issue, leadership or management challenge
  • experiment with new approaches and behaviours and build them into your daily practice
  • enhance your personal, organizational, industry or community profile and your influence
  • build and engage a stronger team
  • establish a better balance between work and personal life

We're Susan Richardson and Jennifer Parr, co-founders of Leadership That Matters. We bring a combination of executive experience, leadership models and formal training to our coaching practice. We believe that all leaders can grow and have potential far beyond what they believe they possess. We know from our own experience the often unspoken aspirations—and challenges—of senior leaders. We've personally faced intense internal and external pressures to take our success to a higher plane. And we've also experienced the desire to really make a difference in our organizations... our sectors... and in our communities.

Our coaching has an informed relevance you will find incredibly beneficial.

Decide how leadership matters to you.

Jennifer Parr, BA/BSW, MBA

Phone: 416-200-3673 or 613-228-9355

Susan Richardson, HBA, MBA

Phone: 416-434-0849

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